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Evening Peace

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We are Evening Peace



Life will always provide you with a personal soap opera. First, we have our own aspects of life we must deal with, and then the media hits us with every possible dreadful event that is going on in the world.


Our group is dedicated to recording and performing music that touches your heart, your Soul, your funny bone, and your inspirational spirit, so that at the end of the day, when you need something to help you feel better, we offer you Evening Peace.


Based out of New York City,
Evening Peace consistently produces music that pushes the boundaries of what music can be by helping our listeners achieve mental and physical relaxation. 


Founder, Composer, Lead Singer / Art Davis
Lead Guitar / Monty Renov
Songstress / Cherette White




Sat., November 18th @ 7 PM --- Evening Peace LIVE at Neir's Tavern


Live vocal and instrumental music with original compositions, beautiful renditions of standards, and humor. The audience will also be treated to pleasant relaxation techniques from the author's book, "Success From Serenity." This show will be performed by the inspirational group, Evening Peace, at the landmark tavern where the famous bar scene from "Goodfellas" was filmed. Remarkably, Neir's is also the establishment in which the iconic Mae West got her start.


Tickets Available For A Limited Time: Click Here!

Please check back for the latest updates on
our Evening Peace performances. 






Written in the hope of positively influencing young minds who might otherwise find it "romantic" to pick up arms and destroy innocent lives.

This song appears to be about a football player, but on a broader scale is a metaphor for life, asking what we really hold dear.

Written as an inspirational piece that encourages us to look within our own history for our lifetime joys, versus dwelling on temporary disappointments.

Before being deployed in the US Army, Art Davis composed this song. There it went "viral!" By popular demand he sang it all over the base; and it was requested by his barracks buddies every night. So a bit of Retro for you.

A deeply inspirational and moving song by Ervin Drake and Jimmy Shirl, who also wrote the iconic I Believe; and Ervin wrote It Was A Very Good Year, among many other classics.

This interpretation of the song expresses an ambivalence with regard to remaining with a woman, while being pulled by the freedom of the wild goose.

A famous classic love song by Sammy Fain (music) and Irving Kahal (lyrics), this is our Evening Peace rendition of this beautiful, ethereal ballad.

This great classic song written by Charles Trenet (music and French lyrics), and Albert Beach (English lyrics) has always been done as a solo. However, my thought about it was, What about the recipient of the lyric, "My breaking heart and I agree that you and I could never be"? In our rendition by our illustrious Evening Peace songstress, Joyce Dee, later in the song, the fellow ruefully accepts the notion that their love can only go so far as a dear friendship.